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About Us

Read more about the story behind Smart Social Gamers.

What is Smart Social Gamers?

“Smart Social Gamers” is an online resource that provides guidance, tips and expert advice for everyone to have a positive social games experience.

Social games are an increasingly popular form of digital entertainment, with games like Candy Crush and Farmville being played by millions across the world. Like other forms of online media, knowing how to manage your game play and deal with any problems you might encounter is key to enjoying a positive social games experience.

This site has information for everyone. You could be a parent who wants to manage your child’s in-app purchase spend; a teacher wanting to work social games safety advice into a lesson, or a gamer who is concerned that their game play is getting out of control.

The sites includes:

  • basic information on what social games are and how you play them;
  • guidance on how to use the tools available to manage your game experience – including how to manage in-game spending purchases, turn off game notifications and use age ratings;
  • expert advice on how to deal with any difficulties you might encounter when playing social games – from unpleasant behaviour from other players to how to moderate the time spent playing games;
  • a directory of further online resources to turn to if you have a question or problem regarding social games
Who has created this site and why?

Smart Social Gamers is an initiative of the International Social Games Association (ISGA), the worldwide representative body of social games operators and developers. The ISGA believes passionately in giving gamers, and those that care for them, the tools and advice they need to have a positive social games experience. For more details about the ISGA, please visit the ISGA site.

We have partnered with some of the world’s most respected digital safety organisations and experts to create the site, including the Family Online Safety Institute, Childnet International, Project Rockit and Dr Richard Graham, a leading consultant and adolescent psychiatrist.